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Aron Paul Orton has been creating content for two decades in the ad world. Starting as a commercial editor Aron was then able to take his passion for film and co-edit the feature hit "Delhi Belly". The film is touted as being one of the first films of the Indian New Wave.

" A landslide of catastrophes keeps three hapless roommates one small step ahead of jealous boyfriends, faithless lovers, zealous cops and gun-toting gangsters in “Delhi Belly,” a smartly paced, highly entertaining Bollywood gagfest"
Ronnie Scheib
Variety magazine
Aron is experienced in creating award-winning branded film content for broadcast and social media. He enjoys finding "the hook" that leads to good storytelling and a perfect camera angle to capture it.

Aron took his love of photography and storytelling and has been directing film content for 5 years. In 2012 he was included in Shoot magazines New Director Showcase. His specialties include fast food, electronics, sports, health care, music videos, and feature films.

Clients include:
Old Spice
Stride gum
California Avocado Commission
Comcast SportsNet