A freelance senior editor/director and producer Aron Paul Orton is experienced in creating award-winning commercial and branded film content for broadcast and social media. He enjoys finding "the hook" that leads to good storytelling and a perfect camera angle to capture it.

Aron has been creating content for two decades in the ad world. Starting as a award winning commercial editor Aron was then able to take his passion for film and co-edit the feature Hit "Delhi Belly". The film is touted as being one of the first films of the Indian New Wave.

" A landslide of catastrophes keeps three hapless roommates one small step ahead of jealous boyfriends, faithless lovers, zealous cops and gun-toting gangsters in “Delhi Belly,” a smartly paced, highly entertaining Bollywood gagfest"

Ronnie Scheib

Variety magazine

Aron took his love of photography and storytelling and has been now directing film content for 10 years. In 2012 he was included in Shoot magazines New Director Showcase. His specialties include fast food, electronics, sports, health care, music videos, and feature films.

Clients include: Disney, Old Spice Jbl, Stride Gum,California Avocado Commission , HGI ,CHOC, Toshiba, Dodgers KFC, Wienerschnitzel, Comcast SportsNet , Ryka


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